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can't get enough // meteor shower

I wrote a whole blog post and deleted it by accident! Like... paragraphs.

Too sleepy to try again. So listed below are fragments I can remember:

  • i love this

  • dazzling material-

  • this a, b, c, d...

  • the way i stay up to

  • count syllables or

  • list the colors in the sunset.

  • lilac nectarine

  • apricot plum-

  • there are

  • so many

  • fruits in the sun

  • fruits in the sun

  • everything is

  • suddenly

  • a poem

  • suddenly

  • space rocks

  • still hot

  • cartwheeling

  • toward me-

  • and i'm standing in the grass

  • with a jelly jar

hope that made sense!



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